Images can be purchased for personal use from any of the galleries presented on the Website. Simply click the BUY tab and follow the website instructions; detail on the different formats for printed images, prices, as well of framing options are also available using the Green BUY tab.  Greeting cards can also be created using any of the images on this site.  Digital Paintings can be generated from any of these images or from your Landscape or Portrait Photographs (You select the photograph & format for the final painting and it will be digitally rendered from your photograph in the selected format: pencil drawing, oil painting, pen & ink, cartoon, impasto, watercolor, or other graphic formats).  

Please let me know if you need specific images not included on any of the gallery pages as I have a large collection of images not shown on this website. Please contact me directly to coordinate the commercial use of any of these images, for specific image needs, or for any free-lance  photography / art services .

Greg Kullman

33 Village Park Dr.

Morgantown, WV 26508

(304) 685-6695